Holistic tutoring?

We believe in a holistic approach to learning. That means, we take into account the whole person-mind, body, and spirit- in determining what approach to use in assisting the learning aspects of that individual.

A holistic approach should accomplish the following:

  • comprehension (truly retaining the material--grasping the concepts, not just memorization)
  • sense of wholeness (being balanced in mind and spirit)
  • logical decision making (factoring out steps before making hasty choices)
  • analytical reasoning (using strategy to factor out answers or issues that don't make sense)

When a student can truly master these skills, they will not only become a better student, but will lead a better life overall. These learning techniques transfer to other areas, such as becoming a leader, being confident yet compassionate, and learning how to successful network with others. These tools translate well in the job force, or even for future inventors and entrepreneurs. Without learning the soft skills, you cannot succeed in the real world.


yolanda simmons