I am in the Master's program for Social Work and write many different types of papers for classes. Since I have a busy irregular daily schedule, I decided to try TALC's online tutorial session. This was the best avenue I could have chosen. My paper is throughly edited and returned to me promptly via a text message alerting me of its completion.  -- Leeda Tremblay



My son, Joshua, had what I thought was a simple division problem. He had to use this new method called the Big Seven. Well, I couldn't explain it so I took him to TALC to see his math tutor, Julian.  Julian explained and showed Joshua how to use Big Seven as well as having my son reteach the lesson to him which he did with very much confidence. Joshua has been enrolled at TALC since September 2014 through a coworker's referral. I won't send him anywhere else cause I have seen significant improvement since he started. Joshua looks forward to coming! -- Mrs. Terry



My son is an IEP student who struggles tremendously with reading comprehension. He had a hard time understanding his course work. After several sessions, not only did he connect with the tutors at TALC, he was able to gain confidence, and his grades started to improve. He went up half a grade level, almost to his right grade level. I am thrilled and so thankful, especially for the director Ms. Simmons. TALC is one of the best investments I ever made. -- Sonya Board